What is going on guys my name is games as what episode 23 mush under stories we have finished the main campaign the main story of muscle, our stories we are going through the high-ranked bone now we're seeing what is available to us postgame and I have a lot of stuff that I want to accomplish today my. Apologies has been so long since the last episode in the series, I've been grinding away let me show you what I have been doing the past.

Week and a half or so I got all my monsters up past level 55 so refuse 63 burritos 56 churro is 63 son greys 57, mocha visco is 58 and enchilada newest temperature team is 59 I really want to use. Into a lot of just because one I like the name and two I think it, would be really cool to use so it's kind of where I've been going with that I found a really nice method to farmers, free experience which I might share later in the episode but as I've said I have been grinding my levels and experience like crazy. And because of that event I have 12 eggs I got 12 eggs and a hatch right now let's go to a hatching spree let's see what. We get we have we have all manner of eggs right now most of them I've gotten in. I'd say probably about half of them I've gotten just over half have gotten in hi Rick must Ernest I, don't know that it's difference at all, but a lot of them are the same pattern the same pattern excuse me a lot of them are the flying river pattern but I. Guess we'll see I got a set of names locked down for when we do a hatch them, and name them so let's go ahead and get started and our zhirov not quite what we. Wanted but okay okay that's all right you got another egg here and a restless we already have a couple Rathalos in our team so I'm not going to worry about that I, do have some names picked out for when if you get something that we don't have we do have Rufus sorry oh so, that we hatched that one last sub sub Gibson for that I'm not sure this looks like a. Cool eggs the hopings have been Azure Rathalos it's an azure red look that is a new monster go ahead and, pick a name form like to introduce you to mer and our which is Spanish apparently. According to google translate this means to snack so it seems like something that in the shore of Rathalos would do, snack out lots of little dinos seems a good name let's get the ruffed Fang be stagnant another Azura kind of disappointed when I saw, those euros hatched, from that hope I do that one named him we got another damped Fang to be stayed over. Here HP and defense leads to catch Oh whattcha we have multiple catch of watches man this glowing Leviathan egg alright and ivory lagiacrus look. At he looks so cool he does not look like cool and the main line monster games look the blue fringe on his is like scales and. Spikes that's cool I'd like to introduce you to dastan oh the. Ivory lagiacrus this means flash Spanish we have a velocity remapping team or use one of those guys in a while sorry buddy maybe next. Time Sorrento's yell what he just kind of sir Regios. Look at his faces basics kind of weird doesn't it no no all right we get we got to find a name for this guy I did not expect to give. Us Regios like to introduce you to Espada the syringes it's fun a. Supposedly means sword in Spanish that is a viewer-request name thank you very much all right let's hatch the next egg let's see, if we get another Azure Rathalos okay okay maybe we could use you. For the a live ritual sorry buddy another flying with renege we'll probably have them I'm supposed to be a duplicate I mean another Sorrento's and and Rome. Oh freaking wonderful India Jerome my favorite monster I'm going to throw this, guy in the garbage cans so I figure what we could start off this episode with is again hunt a pink Rypien high-ranked of course and aen guru, gur these are two DLC quest the think right hand will give me a vitality charm which are useful. And then the hunting ven Gege will give me a training term and a hatching charm which probably says hatchling kerbs I think, I've built up to several of them over the past, the dozens of hours I've been playing this game we are in the beautiful kobani pass this is where the pink rezian flip this is where I actually granted a lot of experience just, on my own before I finish name campaign so this. Is a good area to kind of farm experience and at least if you want to. Take a risk and try to fight a pink radian let me grab this mushroom and then we'll hop in this. Cave the pink ray pian whoa it's coming right at me I don't know if I'm gonna have, time to switch out – that's her mother oh well that's all right write that if you feel pink Bracy and. Please we got this in the bag I am gonna switch you know what I have a have some Bob woods build-up already just from, having ratty in the fight I'm going to go ahead and use a poisoned kick maybe I could poison this the stink raping and then I'll, switch out to my ass the jeans and oh here aah scatterfire heads and really do, that much I don't know what I was so worried about I. Mean it doesn't really do that much damage since I leveled up so much all right we're going to switch out the Sun gray, now what I really want summer to do is just drag and range and feed a ton of damage I'm going to. Keep this fight on fast forward just so I can kind of get over with oh I'm dead I'll. Put the payment that's the mouth Oh totally my best Thanks so what it's been raised it gets real mad is a it counter-attacks constantly lack of a lie I almost lost, that my hunter has 9 HP left I should probably use a mega potion no ice, maker for sure there are the wrong teammate oh my god that's, what I get for getting too antsy but in the meantime some great stuff will help we I am running on top of some gray let's watch crossbow I'm June 1411. And pink break ian is dead I, don't know how that pink raping killed me twice probably just playing with ignorance probably probably that yeah pretty much guaranteed we got twenty six thousand experience without though there's some pretty good experience, for a three and a half in a battle or however like hook so we killed the pink rapey in let's. Let's do the quest for the high-ranked yen guru, go next and in the meantime I will gather some of these things some of these items been assessed and then we'll pick the egg. Up and we'll go find that Garuda begin cover us I'd like to see you, try your best I am ready for you I am ready for any monster right now Rafi has 511 HP I mean how can I not be. Ready for you oh that's one death down I'm dying a lot more now that I'm in hiring food, it was I was hoping I could find. A hiring presario to help with that so I can upgrade my armor again so I just haven't really I haven't really had the best luck, with that I mean this thing's probably about that I mean is be honest here and it's been literally got burned off of my officer. I attacked Ian once and it died of what happened but I got a cool, 18000 experience which I need many many experience points so I can level up my monsters and not die so he completed the. Pink rayon and we completed the Inger ago they weren't really that difficult it was just me doing stupid things I recorded that last night it's now the. Next day it was just me doing stupid things getting myself killed not really paying attention. At all so what I'm going to do now is we are going to take a look for, some high ranks of sarios I need some sorriest parts in, order to upgrade my service armor and then after we take a look around see if we can find any high rank for sorry oast we can then go we'll go back into the tower and. Do another maybe ten floors maybe if we make it that far I'll go until I die I guess, but I've died like 10, times already in the tower it's pretty tough I've gotten to like floor 11 maybe 12 I don't quite remember according to my monster guide the bucerius lives down here. In be done done mind the dobhan mine I haven't really found any nests, though I've only found the low rank sarios down here and now I'm into volcanoes see I don't, I don't really remember this area too well so see this is this is the monster that I felt last time but it was. A lowering for sarios I'm not sure tyreq monsters even appear on the map or not yeah just a lowering star system. Really do much for me like I probably killed this guy in one hit not quite so I use, the idea of the resources available to me and I have discovered that on level 14 of the tower there is a bass arias so I I've made it, to at least 11 so I think what, I'm going to do is I'm going to head over to the tower and try to make. It the 14 I had some issues last time or actually hold on there's a there's a cyclist right here wow, this is just the and I back to our side classicism big deal at all but it is another egg hatch. Which is always good to have okay so I walked right to the. 10th floor of the tower I guess there are can travel stations well I just realized Rathi is on fire poor guy but I believe, there are cat rebel stations every 10 floors and then on every five are on fifth 4:15 4:20 54 cetera there's a feral cat I believe oh my look looking for something to take, that fern off Rathi there we go and I worked to the 10th board I know I didn't show. Course 1 through 10. But you really didn't miss much that there's like a great Jaggi and a bold room not really too bad but now the visco has been getting a lot of practice here, because of his scatter breeds the scatter freezes his that can't talk his scatter pieces is very useful because it'll probably, take all these neighbors out in one shot. Which is glorious of course they all attack first yeah yeah see what I mean very useful skill makes me wish I still had chupacabra in my party because. Then I'd be able to use her plane scatter whatever it's called and. The nice thing about the power is that you keep doing it over and over again and you'll get Chet that's every floor and on the very. First floor or I guess the second floor you get mixed ocean so it's. A good way to get mega pushes to so there's a gent Rome cephalo sort of best void here I need to use that scatter freeze that'll, that'll do a lot of damage to simple Oh some Jindra m– I don't know if it will kill Gendreau though and I've leveled. Off probably 15 level since, I was last on this floor or something like that so it should help a lot of course it decides to use. Power wow it's so satisfying to kill more than one monster at once you know I'm going to use a well-done steak while they attack each other and. That bonding double action and finish it off with a ride on toast dude.

That was significantly easier than last time listen got a buncha loop and I could just take all this loot. And sell it if I ever need money which is good because I've been using a lot. Of pop past tickets to warp out of the dungeon when I get to the barrel bomb the barrel Cassidy hermit are now maybe maybe this is where I died I think, this might be where I died all right let's see who should I use should I start. With for this guy he is we gets the Thunder but I don't have any thunder monsters which is a. Huge weakest when I have a lot of fire I have three fire types and I think the skies are. Just wings of fire I'm going to go with Sangre yo Sangre is just an all-around good choice because. He's so freaking strong oh and there's little ones that didn't rise there are little ones I'm going to use Melba visco to get rid of. The little ones so teeny-weeny Oh 120-ton and defense up yikes shoot I knew it was tech I, don't know why epic speed alright this is not working out in my favor I'm. Going to switch I think I got a switch I'm going to not I didn't want to pick rappy he's going to be weak to water unless I could. Focus down that little Hobbit are of, course you get the crit all right little home tours down I'm going to attack this guy Dino daimyo. Blue drop this down I'm going to have you use poison kick maybe you'll get lucky and poison them but I guess I guess daimyo uses. Tech I'm just going to keep doing this second power it looks like and it's down I don't. Know why but I've been knocking a lot of monsters down lately especially when I ride on Wow Oh 2269 damage well that wasn't too bad Rati leveled, up at what was 20 K experience not too shabby, alright this is the monster that I've been chasing after for what seems like hours do I want to use for this service sorry oh she's uh now you know, what let's use enchilada perhaps we shouldn't use. Enchilada this flight because it's aureus is going to be tech I'm going to want to use. Power oh great there's contries in here so enchilada has basically a fight like the monster stories equivalent of fire spin it's called trap cyclone as you would expect but this should hit.

Everything so maybe it'll be good against all these guys and of course there's the defense poison gas wonderful and of course I got, poison there what a surprise I'm going to go ahead and. Go real fast I got to do something about this these countries are kicking my ass all right I'm going, to swap out to Mel visco real fast use a scanner Beamer to scatter freeze or to and try to finish it finish these stupid con shoes off ones, down okay I'm going to switch out too let's pull enchilada back in this guy has a lot of. Help he has a lot of help and he also have really high defense which is, not a good combination he likes to increases physical reverse this just kind of sucks we're so close to so close to the, special move for enchilada and it's down it's perfect timing Wow 300 78 and a shiny drop I need all the. Drops I can get I hope I don't need to kill any more of these guys should, we level it up now we're just going to go with of one this is called ground. Cyclone that was really cool didn't expect that a cyclone coming up out of the ground I wonder if regular Barry out is similar or, not burning fumes what is burning fumes now that's basically the poison. Gas but use wonderful oh there we go man enchilada was really really doing a lot of damage oh I if you noticed and talati. Has purple thing it's because they gave him a little bit. Of dragon element I figured I need somebody with dragon elements besides the scent song grace aww might as well make it enchilada so, I believe the next floor will have I believe the next floor. Will have a barrel cat on it which is good get me a bunch of experience just one I'm going. To use my barrel bomb and it'll just kill it immediately so convenient and then I should get probably I don't know if my XP buff is still active so it's 50 or 60 like I got, six piece look. At that I love that there just has to be a monster that gives ludicrous amounts of experience 50,000 base experiences, there's a gyp Soros next you know what let's I think we kill the Gypsy Rose especially with Rathi ratty we'll burn right through. This guy turn this rubber chicken it's good nice crisp how there's two of them a Cepheid Rome and a Gypsy Rose that complicates things a little bit all right. Should probably focus on one haircutter oh thanks no did I need you to I want to burn down one of these as fast, as possible. Vote for Jeb Soros each fireball unzip I'm going to use another barrel bomb ah that Kara cutter come on man like I don't want you to attack. The Cepheid Rome see I don't know ah yes that time I, I hit that thing with so many huge fireballs and now I'm really struggling seems like I can't get my my health off the ground you know what my rathi knows, how to sing just do that and then I'll use a lot of steak kind of top my help that way I don't, waste the potion or a life powder now the feet I could handle set the drum spectrum isn't too, bad it's when there's more than one large monster that it starts to get a little iffy and it's down.

And I have a level three charge this is going to really hurt him eighteen hundred and eight and a face-off. More free damage thank you very much and it's done all right. Well we can't stop now we got to keep going I'm finishing all these quests nice I forgot I had half these quests so, might as well just go ahead and try to make it to level 20 I guess, an – catch a watch it alright I'm going to pull burrito after this one oh my god there's three of them oh that's not good at all gay what, do I do with would you look what do I want to get that little guy, out first so I'm probably going to go after the, little guy and then cuckoo and then direct or but I don't want to leave myself open oh man, oh I didn't know that hits all of them Wow that changes things I'm just going to keep doing that I totally didn't realize that oh I didn't realize my health was.

So low oh wow wolf 91 man make a potion on him great tackle I'm just going to keep using great tackle little guys. Down all right let's just, go ham on ku-ku-ku-ku won't last very long and it's down and I'm all charged, up bond points are maxed you know it's just you the these are special on cuckoo and it's been very nice and me and the status effects man oh. Ouch whoa said a lot of damage so I guess when it's enraged that you feed more often so Peck whoa. Okay yeah come on man what now it attacks twice god I hate of a muslin sack place and instead that was significantly tougher died twice although, one of them was kind of a BS death well I'm going to end the episode here, guys I don't want the video to go on for too long we got two more battles who knows what they're going to be before, we get the 420 420 is where the next cap raffle station is so I'm, hoping that we could do that next episode and we're also going to. Take a look at some of the new DLC monsters that's just released in Japan and there's I guess there's some new armor set and one of the things that we're going to.. Try to take a look at maybe starts tattling see online although I'm not sure if I'm going to do the online for the actual game releases in America like two months so I don't know we'll figure.

It out well we'll play it by ear glad thanks for watching everyone and I will see, you guys later peace .