Greetings and welcome to mantra legends and another special feeding episode this time we're going to be freezing up the last of the generals pets and this one has a little bit, of a bad rep but we're going to be going right in there with the open mind and seeing, where his place is in our community so this is going to be in Juarez pet who has lots of open wounds, lots which is kind of cool so let's hope he's not full of bull yes. I went there and I have a spot open with Talon and I'm sure he'll be happy to be with, his master alrighty so let's check him out here congratulations you've come oh oh oh that's right because how many good. And six for the keeper okay that's right okay so I got some stuff because I completed a book all right there he is he's up there he's doing some grazing, it looks like so let's just start feeding him up here and I'm, sure we'll come up with a good name for him because apparently the computer didn't so, anyway this is ingress pet he is a legendary he is light just as Mike his master he is a pretty darn hardened 35%. Let's see power isn't too good speeds more of a speedy dude, maybe he's support you know any bar does have a lot of support on his side so maybe he tends after him like that but life is pretty. Good so he looks like him pretty a lot, Meteor than the other pets that's for sure so let's take a look at some skills here okay full head butt low physical and then we have brutal, hit which is light little light which is an overly brutal model we're just saying and of course. What we saw there we so little Stampede so let's see what it is ingvar stampede okay deals very heavy damage to all enemies may stun all targets okay if nothing else, he has a better special. Skill than his master does he does indeed all right so let's see angora pet learn from his general that he must never give up on the battle when he's surrounded by enemies he becomes weaker, but he always finds the strength to charge his way out. Of the danger zone all right so let's see if that's true first, off let's get him up to his second evolution at level 4 there we go okay the horns are, a bit bigger now I'm kissing that's a face plate he's gone on there and not exactly part of him not. Really sure about that but I cuz maybe we'll find out in the end but anyway let's go on with. Skills the first of which comes up at level 7 which is right now Saints peck who's all negative status effects gains precision ok well it's the first skill. It does show he's going to be doing some support of course that supports for himself though so hopefully it spreads out a little bit there, all. Right level 10 will have his next kill gazing charge deals moderate special damage made a target okay so solid moderate hit no cooldown right gave and, it's not a 50% chance of days – they went right today so that's not too bad not too bad at. All all right let's continue to level 15 and his next skill boom minor blessing gains a 20% shield requires cooldown alright so guessing that's a self, buff be kind of nice if. There was like I don't know if a group one maybe he's going to do that even eases the. Early this early skills I want to just throw that one up there now keeping the bull head but alright let's go to level 25 closing in on that last evolution stunning.

Stampede killed heavy special damage 50% chance of stunning target alright well it was the Stampede will be attacking everybody just saying ok so it's a good. Enough hit I, mean it heavy damage it's just 50 percent chance of stunning I'm gonna throw that in there because why not maybe we'll get a big one all right so let's go.

Because his final evolution is waiting at level 25 along, with lightning bowl deals low special damage to all enemies Maydays all targets alright that's low the gauge is showing moderate let's take a look, around I would put it in for this one because let's face it if you're going to get another buffs it's going to be better but I'll just. Grab that one you know what maybe I'm gonna put it there now I'm gonna put it there and then, forth early anyway 30s oh okay dude come, back which is about to look ok there he is his final evolution he looks like he's got shoulder guards now too, and he's got a really intricate like putting on his head there I'm guessing that's armor I'm guessing. That armor even though his horns seem to be golden and his hoofs seem to be golden but I don't think the nose ring is natural. No I don't but anyway he looks amazing hopefully he's got some amazing skills coming up let's keep going level 30 medium blessing gains a 30% shield requires cooldown. You know the thing about it is we're probably going to get something. Better than that so I'll just throw that there for now I, mean at the moment I would probably go with this one because even though it's a 50% chance of stunning only a 50% chance it's a heavy special hit with no cooldown so I'd rather that, you know all right so let's go to level 35 major shield gives 100%, shield to target all right obviously we're gonna put that in for round cooldown but still. That's not bad to turn 3 turns would have been better but no ok, so let's go and level 40 bull taunt deals moderate light damage caster will receive all single target attacks okay that's not bad it depends on. The situation doesn't it I'm not losing that I don't want to lose that one yet alright well this one is obviously quite, useless at the moment so why don't we, do that okay so that goes along with the shield you know being able to taunt and then having the shield up okay so it's not so bad alright let's see what else he's got here let's, get to level 45 medium. Blessing note let's get to level with the frontal charge deals heavy light damage removes all positive status effects from, the target um same damage this one has no cooldown it's special damage do I want this one dating is. Not bad especially it says low but I mean the gauge is more into the medium area I'm just thinking dazing all of the enemies is actually quite useful removing all positive status effects can be but, I mean. Against one target it comes down to what's I mean this is probably the the defining skill for the character the the taunt and then if you're going to do that, you need to have the shield at this point I don't know if it's himself or. Its he can put it on somebody else but I'm guessing he's, supposed to use it for himself in some situation so I have two damaging ones I have this one which I don't.

Want to lose unless of course I got a better one and I have this one I just don't I just don't see a place for this one I mean it's the same. Damage special damage is better so I think I'm going to stick with what I have for, now I'd like to get one that. Is a false done even if it's got a one one round cooldown though you know don't like those 50 percents but it's a good hit no absolutely not and finally a level 60 no definitely not all right. Let's just take a quick look and see if I. Missed anything frontal charge that's the last one that we got medium blessing okay the only thing I would say that I don't like is I don't like the fact that. That attack is a 50% chance for stunning as opposed to I mean it's a good hit by, itself but I mean it's 50% chance it's. Done I know some skills can be a little bit bugged and they'll actually attack all the time it'll stunt all the time anyway but I guess I can touch. With that anyway um let's hook it here Oh power really not too terrific okay life is, kind of chunky he's kind of chunky he's speedy so I mean in terms of the damage we have to take um you know heavy into. Consideration for the.

Fact that he's got a little power so he's not actually very well constructed to a degree I don't know let's take a look let's take a look what he's got, here now all right let's take a look all right let's go with the first one okay bolt, on I'm guessing this is defining skill he's going to tank that's what he's going to do heroes moderate light damage Kassar will, receive all single target attacks requires cooldown okay two round cool down and it goes for two times so there'll be. One turn when he doesn't have it so okay that's assuming he does that all of the time all right and then we have the, next one stunning stampede. Deals heavy special damage 50% chance of stunning no cooldown okay this is a good hit. And you can use it every round that he can act it's a it would have been a little bit better with.

A full stun you know I mean it might be bugged I don't know but I don't know I think a 50% it's done. For an endgame thing is kind of silly so yeah even if it was I guess wouldn't be blindness I don't know maybe even a guaranteed, days every time would be a little better I don't, know I guess we're going to have to test with it and then the third skill I don't know if I should have. Taken this one but frankly nothing else really screamed out taking me you know what I mean anyway this. Is lightning ball drills a little special damage to all enemies May gains all targets requires cooldown ok three round cool down, basically the damage is negligible but it will gaze everybody days is can be effective sometimes basically you don't want the other. Team to hit you you want to affect their their accuracy you want to affect their accuracy so days is kind of lowest form of that the higher form. Of that would be blindness blindness is very good for that, but I mean it's useful I mean it goes into the support role he had there right he does a taunt maybe he. Does a shield then he does this or maybe he does this one. After doing the taunt and then does the shield to protect himself from dying I guess maybe that's the reason he's got speed is so that he can, do these things quickly alright and finally this one here which goes along. With the first one of course major shield gives a 100 percent shield to target requires cooldown. This one is a four-round cooldown those so it's kind of out of sync with the other ones here so it's not going to be up for very long I.

Don't know do they expect you to take two shields you only have four skills to go with so. I don't know I guess maybe this is just to put up and to protect him from dying at the last minute or, something I don't know it just seems that he, is a little off you know he's just a little bit off here so I don't know I can see why some. People might have some issues with them I guess it really depends on how things work but we're going to test with them and we're going to find out yeah I. Mean the thing about it is this one's a moderate hit this one's a heavy hit this one's a low one this was. A low hit at all so I mean I think it's speed that this, guy really needs and definitely help if you're going to use him as a tank he already starts off with a pretty good health. So any percentage. Increase from health ruins would end up being very good to him adding looks for life be very good I just don't see putting strength on him now if I was going to configure him for usage it'd probably be. Some mixture of speed and life you know because you want him to, act as quickly as possible because we get the stun that he get to taunt down he can get the shield down too but, of course the problem with that is if he acts a. Lot the taunt will be gone quickly though so I don't know about that one see if somebody uses. At one it's his own turn to get rid of him so if he. Acts a lot then the turns will go away quickly I guess we're gonna have to test with them which will probably end up doing. Sometime in the near future when I get new legendaries from the other events because I'm out of new ones so anyway thank you very much for your attention I really appreciate it.

And play games because games are fun see you you .