Greetings and welcome to mon-sol legends and yes I have becoming a little bit backed up in the training of Legendary's and there are some legendary who I do want available for certain things like PvP, and war and such so we need. To work on that when I do that now so let's just go on in I have them loaded and ready to go we're just going to go down over, to Carnival Island over here I've named one of them I, couldn't really think of anything on the top of my head for the other two but I'm sure something will come to me in the future because I think they probably will get some, playtime all right except for one, of them one of them unfortunately does have ruins lot issues yeah anyway let's hit this one because I, like to start with this one and maybe one day I will get that good start maybe that day will be. Today let's see okay up front we have Krampus who have named Nick up above we have Shannara as pet and down below we, have Polaris see so I couldn't think of any real names I'll stop my head I know I've gotten some, suggestions with just nothing wrong Nick just seems to work for him alright so there have been some questions. About skill choices but I'd like to remind my viewers that they are 60th level. And I have eight opportunities to get other skills once I choose those skills in there 100 I will never be able to test with them again unless I want, to spend a lot of gems so I would like to.

See what the skills can do before I say goodbye to them forever I think Krampus agrees to me he's like dueling. Alright anyway so let's meet our new friends over here okay so let's see here we're just going, to test this guy because this guy's going to be his bread and butter right my sesame his bread, and butter all right so what are you going to do you're going to do okay you got this heavy magic damage oh this is the one. That does the add Seminary generations and regular generations I don't think we need to do that this is the possession right what was this one ah deals moderate special, damage right why don't we just do the regeneration I mean basically she's there for support you're not going to get her, as a damage dealer right all right so, let's see deep freeze that's a single target freeze might want to dim, it that's the one that helps heal him a little bit deep cold okay you got you two freezes yeah you know we got freezing here but you know it's not, really useful all right him make him bleed and now the answer to a question which I asked him his his his video does this, hit both of. Them it does hit both of them hmm okay okay and horn first obviously that took too long that's not gonna be. Three stars it was closing three stars but it wasn't three stars it was actually the highest score I'd gotten there too, interesting all right so they nearly got it they nearly got it perhaps if I'd use a Shannara pet attack and finished him off, a little quicker maybe they was got me that third star well that was my fault that was my fault so let's just move on over. Here I think we got another encounter over here should we just move on you know what because they're. Pretty strong so I think we're just going to move on and of course we're going to bypass this island here and go over to here, because this is all it's all three waves and I don't want to waste time with. That frankly so and this is the one guy one werewolf guy so that's not very interesting either so why don't we start over here, these are all 64 uncommons and in epic but they're 64 so let's see what we can do with. I have, a pretty good idea what Nick is going to do Nick is going to do this okay he missed he missed the one in front okay the Thumbelina in the front all right so why don't we go. With the possession on her okay first shot at using that possession all right what are we doing here I, know I could have froze her but it's more fun if she. Attacks her enemies let's see deep coal I don't want to do any freezing at the moment heavy damage. Meekly right there is that going to kill her in Odense but she's bleeding okay so what do we have, here for you now deals – puzzle may free that the single target freeze we got two of them for him over here so we don't need that low, damage may. Poison applies to random negative effects one on the bottom okay so we got freezing we got bleeding and we got. Poison the poison was what we were supposed to get the two extra ones we got or bleeding and freezing which were which. Are very nice all right so what do you have here you don't need to do that we're going to do some damage here, lose all negative effects why don't we just give her the horn that is she gonna bleed to death it would be close she's got a little help so it's. Not gonna be a big number if I had, to guess I'd say she's probably going to survive one tick of that let's see the one up above isn't doing anything so let's make sure. It's oh there was a group of two yeah okay we got a look at that one wording I think that was one I think, that was, one where the wording just confused me all right we're going to look at that in the next in the next fight and why just do this of course they have. Darkness in themselves for you miss both of them build the accuracy, issue there dude just saying dizzying stomp made its back already oh the possession is back already doesn't, matter because they're both uh yeah do this get the stamina back let's get the stamina back okay and sharp star heavy water damage one at the top. Because one of the bottles breathing already is that he's dead already actually I think that both probably. Dead already because this one's got poison and bleeding all right and finish not quite with the one on the bottom let's see dizzying stomp. Yeah there's definitely not a veteran stars took a long time they were a higher level they were higher level, alright so yeah I think it's probably at that. Point I think we got a good idea of what's going on let's want to pick something harder what is this encounter yeah it's one target it really wouldn't. Be very interesting I don't think I mean it'd be kind of hard as opposed let's just do it'll be. Very quick though he's very I'm pretty sure this would be pretty quick all right I. Mean it's got a lot of health won't be pretty quick but I mean it's going to be a matter of like yeah I'm going to, do this just to get the effects rolling okay so burning. Nightmares and the poison okay and you because dizzying stomp here may days and apply dimers reduction okay why not okay oh he's immune today's missed that alright now. Here's one here deals moderate water damage may freeze target I was I had forgotten that this one was marked with multiple. Targets because just looking at it you. It doesn't look like a multiple targets attack but it is which is can the wording can be a little bit of a. Problem but there's no sense in doing that so I would just freeze him here he's pretty died here just barely Oh too bad one more. Daughter something like that and would take them out in one turn alright heals a lot of special damage me freeze. Freezing is not as necessary there yeah with their, stuff it's not even a big challenge is it they take the extra round so they didn't get the they didn't get the third star I mean the thing is nine levels. Higher right so I didn't have no ruins but um that's not so bad I. Think that they're pretty strong for that so we're going to move on, to leveling up so let's get over and take care of her first alright we're going to seventy-five I don't think there's, any skills here that were in contention she doesn't have any group attacks or anything like that the day support creature so that's kind of what she does so it's just yeah up here okay I.

Mean that's got that one but, I mean I don't see a reason for it I mean she's not a damage dealer you're not going to put damage on her you're probably going. To put speed on her she's got the regeneration here she's. Got this one which is the possession she's got this one which is a daze and a damage reduction to a single target and this one loses all negative status purges itself like I said. I believe I said. That the three over here on the side here this one this one in this one you're just going to. Use those guys that's really going to because they're all like low they're all low the rollover points you. Might slip that one in I don't know this one you'd only use if you probably got into trouble so this other spell is.

Not really very useful no no not useful Jools little magic damage to all enemies still it's just it's not her thing if it was something other than damage reduction if it was. Like even days I would take it but. It's just not what she does just not what she does all right so that, one's done let's go get Polaris see he's in the middle up here yeah unfortunately limitations here now this one here I mean you look at the. Text it doesn't say multiple enemies that's the reason I hadn't played him I hadn't done him in a while so I had, forgotten that actually was a group attack, because the text doesn't show that I mean today make enough of these guys that they they don't have time to check things like that out monrad image may make target bleed he's got a lot of good, stuff this one here is a. Bigger attack at the upgrade of this one so you wouldn't really want this it tells you.

No good at all because with it the one we have is a one round cooldown and the old one is a two round cooldown and more stamina and it's worse in every, way except the bleeding is the same so no absolutely not star blaze. Note we just look at that perfectly removes all positive status effects no I don't think so this one freezes this one's group freeze this one's the heal removes negative effects, no all right he's 35 all right so let's go to. The controversial one or I I have seen that skill action and I'm not overly impressed so what I'm going to do is as soon as the, fire one comes up which is always my plan I kind of said that in the video, you know I'm going to put that in for this oak shadow no not absolutely not that one no no, okay I said no punitive action no so we didn't come up this time so I got five more shots, if I have to spend the the gems then that's, on me all right so we're gonna leave them there for now okay pop out and let's go back in here country Mac now I'm looking for something there's 75 I want I want something. Around 80 because I just want to start pushing them to the limit okay so here maybe no absolutely not. This would be 70s it would be over here somewhere okay 73 no no no no. No I'm under estimating I'm under estimating right here that'll do that'll do let's see how that works out and let's go they're, actually a little higher than I would have liked but, I don't think it'll be a problem especially since it all got frozen you guys are all hardened and you all messed up your roles boys sucks. To be you guys so just do the extra stuff to you in the front wow you ever resisted, anything just saying no sense in doing the freeze one so, we're just going to make somebody bleed you down there scorch peg I want to see your bleed okay so all of their freezes should wear off now okay I'm going to, use poison gift on the one up above because, your one up above doesn't have any nasty things on them at the moment okay is that blindness because I saw okay poison nightmare isn't blind we're getting a really nice selection of, bad things from that skill just saying we're, not getting any of these you know like things that oh that's yeah okay so they're weak to these guys, now no they're getting serious ones from this maybe I'm just getting good rolls, but so far we're getting good stuff from that alright so what do we have here now I'm just going to start the regeneration going on, the stamina because these other two guys are pretty much gossiped they've got this you know what I mean okay and now we're going to do the.

Freeze that does all of them except of course you miss the one in the front and you're barely, alive they you know here we all every generation on right just thought I'd mention that well since I have this one why don't, we just finish somebody off one of the top I. Believe is pretty dead one in the front all right let's get some payback in oh yeah why don't we just do this possession oh we didn't resist that did you, but that doesn't. Mean we're not going to go after you either are you bleeding no let's change that okay you missed him, that's not good he's dead Krampus lost his turn he's not happy about that um mystic thrust mm-hmm he cold well just finish him off it would've. Been nice for him to kill himself but I was killing him is good to know all. Righty okay they did a good job with that but let's see let's get an endurance situation going here so, there are two waves here maybe yes there are there's two waves here and 84 is 85 and same over here so let's do this one and yeah I, do as I'm aware, of that just go away with that message all right let's go all right let's start with this one of course. All right this one so why don't we just make her our friend mm think and when we make our friend bleed – because that's what we do to our friends. We make them bleed all right oh well don't want to do that they just strong damage might as well. It will kill the one in the front when the bleeding comes around let's extend, our way – all right um I didn't remember that part of it let's say um dizzy stomp. Should I start thinking about stamina probably not a bad idea okay we're getting to the end of this flight ooh star wheel what do we got deals heavy water, damage heals by 100% okay I I'm pretty sure that that is again a group attack that it's, just not telling us it's a group attack so don't want.

To do that right now or to one let's save that for the next group I think I want to save that. For the next group because I mean I was going to use deep freeze we'll greet the next team with that all right why don't you get poison. The gift and everything that goes along with it okay is that the second here I was just saying we weren't, going to get that okay what are you saying he's weak against thunder fire water and nature okay he's already got pores on so, that's not a bad deal all right so I, think the one at the top can just get the horn here okay and sharp star kind of a waste there regrow limb we'll do that one which surprised me if, he's got his group freeze back no next round all right so for this hem with silk shadow and. Then we'll let getting this one. Oh yeah that's right it was a 50% chance of nightmares mine all right um the one who doesn't, have nightmares could you be a good friend and everybody else look at the spinning wheel ouch I can't mess with him who's going to ruin Christmas make them. Pay would you just heal or buff fur and, the guy in the front really could use it just saying by the way everybody chill okay mr. one in the front don't miss the one in the front stomp , let me think I'm going to freeze the one in the front actually so it's like it's. Friends there we go all right um this pretty much kills two of them so why not I love course you miss the one in the front, who's dead anyway but I mean it, would've been more convenient now all right down here and yeah you can just do this okay not bad not bad all right so, I think that given that I think we can just probably kick them up to 100 now I would just skip over it right, now but we're going to go to Krampus we're going to do Krampus just because I am looking for that skill to show up and all, of you will get to laugh at me if that one skill does not appear and I would never teach you, of, that I would never cheat you of that so let's just take a look at grandpa I don't think there's any discussion about the other two the other two they got their skills Polaris C's. Skills are really badly worded but they have their skills all right so, let's go don't embarrass me dude no that's like three or four times in a row for that one there we go all right, in there in right in there for that, it was a little bit helpful but the I found poison gift to be really useful so I'm guessing it's mate will also be useful so anyway there's his skills so there's not. Much sense else in watching the rest of the. Procedure so I'm going to level them I'm going to level them up to 100 and then we'll get. Back to work okay we're back and I figured we might just start here I just have to pick this one at random and we'll see how they do with 100 level individuals here, they're all 100 I. Put a four speed on Nick I put a three support speed on the Shannara pet I didn't put anything on Polaris cause as I said, without the with only one open run slot it's really hard to use him, because I have waters were already decked out you know denial I have denial waters were already decked out so it's really hard to put anything over there with him just having a one slot open it's not his fault. It's just a circumstance right all right so but Nick I put a four speed on him because, he's going to have a four speed along with, probably other speeds too so let's go after we're trying to simulate what's really going to happen here right all right and. Just put them right there yeah just do this okay and let's just concentrate and get around one of them bleed you yeah. He's a piece already dead okay and why don't we test new burning gift over here and okay I guess we, try I guess he resisted something or maybe he tried to put the same burning. Effect down again because he's got a stamina leak there looks like yeah okay not as good as the poison one so far but you know then you why don't. We just put you on our, side okay and regrow limbs get the one on the top okay life drain can you hit the one who was nearly dead, alright that's fine go for it you can have poison gift now okay, so you got the poison gazing and freezing which is not too bad at all why don't we just start, the stem and a-rollin she can use a little healing yourself actually and then for you guys um now that would be kind of a waste why would just do a single, target freeze on you I'm pretty sure you're dead pretty sure you're dead so brutal verdict nobody frozen but will do damage after, all he's poisoned already. So okay and he's dead of course okay you got some effects on you but I see that you're not bleeding let's fix that she's also not dead. So we fixed that too okay 8151 not bad got all the way over there not the best but you know after all they don't have the. Best stuff by the time I probably did this I was using, people who are fully Specht out alright so let's see why don't we try over, here what level do we have here oh do we take on the bunny alright let's take on the bunnies Sarah and the bunnies alright let's go free the bunnies okay we miss, one of the bunnies it's all over it's over unless of course we can get the bunny on our, side let's get the bunny on, our side maybe he'll tell a joke okay dude feel free to tell a joke seriously um they're both frozen so why don't we get Sara, bleeding I want to see you bleed Zahra I didn't know that a doll could bleed we know now okay dude seriously coke seriously joke no okay right before our eyes he, boned Sara it's it's a shocking thing all right um now I think you can.

Have a burning gift because that was just very shocking dude all right um let me think dizzying stomp he's immune to dizzy so that, would not be something we want to do so I just wanna yeah what could stamina going so good. Stamina going and then I'm going to freeze you want to freeze both of them, all of them there's no reason not to freeze all of. Them yeah okay guess we missed the one above perhaps bunny vengeance is coming they stopped him before he tells a joke seriously okay poison gift we tried to date him twice, and you got this possession back maybe if one bunny won't tell a joke maybe, the other will but I still want to see you bleed actually I think he's dead yeah he's dead I should have done the other one okay but, he lost his turn okay um put a verdict that'll freeze as if he. Doesn't have enough problems all right you're immune to dizzy so. That doesn't make any sense so why don't we just warn you you're like really really dead now so it doesn't really matter what we do to you because you're already dead just, a moment didn't, see one of the bunnies tell a joke to each other oh okay didn't realize it that was kind of close kind of close all right so let's uh that's fine we find something that's above I hear, what this is this above 100 no it isn't I want to find. Something that's above 100 I'm not sure when that actually started but we'll look around okay we got two wings interesting we have a water guy so. That's going to be a, problem will he be able to stay alive we got two freezers we got two freezers so we should be able, to control okay so this will be the last challenge this will be the last challenge we got two waves here and the first ones. Got thunder so if he gets ahold of the polarity they're gonna hurt him so let's go they might even be, going no they're not gonna go for us when my thinking about Krampus is going for right and then, Chanel was going next okay so first let's get some freezing down and he got. Them all of course all right so why don't we just hit him in a head horn first and this, is actually very convenient because the freezes are going to wear off and he can come back and freeze them again like this all right so let's think about this mm pick him in the, back give him burning gift okay I think that was a, we kind of got booed on that one it was a damage reduction and, I believe that's Illuminati confirmed we confirm a little bit of a book there okay so they're both frozen so I don't want to possess them, so dizzying stomp would do extra damage to warn the front that way will be easy to kill. Okay a little bit sluggish here don't want to use that one I might as well just get rid of this one all right now okay, freeze this one and now possess this. One yeah I know we're using all of our skills up front but remember after all she's got a stamina regen which is her next action oh thank, you that was very nice you very very nice of you so just stand there for a minute, okay we'll get back to you all right charge I need to start getting ready for that next fight stamina regen move all, righty um a little bit of chubby there hold on a minute okay I think that's a little better there had to restart my, computer all right uh just due to regrow limbs on them just to get rid of them because we want to save. The good stuff for the next round speaking of which and we'll start by freezing which apparently they really like okay one, of them was a little bit of an annoyance they're not not. Very good they're don't do that so why don't we just take you over okay that worked. Use an overly stubborn okay kinda front teams had the most health so why don't we make him bleed okay he didn't want to bleed I guess, maybe because he just bones he's just a pile of Bones walking around their items well that was kind of nice you. But I would like to have seen you attack your friends just saying speaking of which can, we put a burning gift on you okay he resisted everything else he got the. Burning but he resisted everything else because he's hardened all right um just try to get one of them out of the way I think we're criminal hopefully he's got yeah, freeze we're going for the freezes gone for the freeze listen oh you got he got. All of them you got all of them okay he might be dead already all right let's go with the poison gift on that. Guy who didn't apparently like my full present of the burning, one and he didn't get anything else except city stamina drain matter of fact the burning is gone now he's still burning or is it just not showing no, it's not showing okay so let's, try possession down here all right that's kind of fun who's let's make this guy bleed because he's just being a kind of a pain up there all right so brutal verdict actually. I'm. Just gonna have him charge because I think he's dead he's dead and the other guys working for us so okay and hit on him I'm going to see how he finishes himself off but I. Don't think that's going to be an issue, because I think he's kind of dead I can't do anything to him without freezing him that freeze damage may be enough yes it is okay Oh third star nice work guys nice work and. I get a spin watch me get money or food Oh No. Okay wife to ruin I'll take that ah no, thank you and we'll just take a look at our guys over here okay so I think that they are done I think they got their full sets there I can see Krampus getting a lot of usage I definitely, see you again a lot of, usage I can see Chanel's pet getting usage during certain war situations and just providing overall support that position does make her useful so in. Certain teams I could definitely see using her probably going to put support runes on her like I reason I, put the support speed on her probably put other support, stuff on her just to whenever I stick her in it's going to be for support so she might as well, just do it across the board players polarity has good stuff but unfortunately for him in my group he showed up with to lock room slots and I just have. Such a wealth of water creatures now if I have a seed situation in a war I can see throwing him in. Because you know a lot of my water ones are not technically see I know general fetty's is but the. Other ones really aren't see but even then I still have ones who do work better. For that so I said he's got good stuff it's just the unfortunate reality is that he's kind. Of gimped when he was born by having only one open slot so I don't know how. Much I'm going to be able to use him but obviously the real prize here from the. Team race was Krampus so Krampus is very good he is going to get all speed he's going to get all speed the damage. Dealing is insignificant for him obviously because his all of his skills really are not. Around damage you know the freezing is all about freezing the the single target freeze I think it does the most damage but it's still. It's about single target freezing and then you have the the other ones where they either poison or burn and then two other things make those aloe special damage. To start with so it's all going to be about speed for him so anyway I think that's it these guys are, ready I'll worry about getting some ruins on the one, on the top and Sinatra's pad and then Krampus I'm afraid piracy he's, kind of waiting for a miracle to show up maybe someday actually it won't be his miracle if I get another one who shows up with three slots open well maybe, he'll be happy merging into that one you know so. Anyway thank you very much for your attention I really appreciate it and play games because games are fun see ya you .