Y’all what’s goin on guys Eric’s here welcome back to another video only today we are talking about Monster Hunter double-cross in a bit of a surprise announcement this, morning they revealed that there will be a Japanese a shop demo. For the game coming on August 10 now this was a bit of surprise because the well back eh mistranslated Chinese interview suggested that there probably wouldn’t. Be one pair that with the fact that they’re actually doing a sort of demo tour. In Japan right now basically on the run off the launch it really makes sense that they would drop a demo if you didn’t have to go and queue up at this. Event to play at the same time either way that aside they announced this morning that on. August the 10th there will be a Japanese a shop demo for the switched version of most time to double-cross now to be. Very clear this is only available in the Japanese a shop however because the Nintendo switch is region free you can download it anyway I. Did a video way back when the Nintendo switch first came out on how to create a, Japanese a shop account in fact just how. To create an account from a different reason whether that be say you’re in Europe and you want to make an American. Account or a Chinese account or a Japanese account the point is it is very very easy to do an internal switch you basically create. A second email you create a second internet network ID and then you, basically just link it on your switch and then when you go to enter the eShop you select the relevant profile, so in my case I have two accounts I have my English one and I also have my Japanese one you select that account it will take you to.

The Japanese a shop you download the demo when it becomes available always ten and you. Can then play it on either account so I will leave a link to that video in the. Description box down below it is so incredibly easy to do and I strongly suggest that you do give it a chance because if you are considering importing it, but you’re not too sure whether they say the language barrier will be an issue then this will least. Allow you to sort of dip your toes in the water so to speak yes admittedly you won’t be you know.

Navigating the villages. Or anything like that you’ll only be kind of jumping into a condensed fight but at the same time you can scroll through the menus see if you can kind of get used to just scrolling. Through things you might.

Have better read it is still worth it and more importantly the demo itself has a lot of content it has all 14 weapons plus the new brave style and alchemy style and also, has the Prowler style with of course the new beast mode Prowler and the monsters you get to fight all great.

Macau that is your easy hunt burial that is your medium hunt you’re harder Hunt is valve valve, one of the two new flagship so that alone three monsters fourteen weapons prowler and of course the. New styles gives you a chance to really experience some of, the stuff that’s double cross introduced to this entry in the series yes of course you might a bit alike you know explore the hub going some of the white a mission is check out things. Like Trans Morgan stuff but as far as the demo, goes it still gives you a good chance to test out a load of the new cool stuff so if you do end up say check. It out the demo deciding that importing interview fair enough but at, least this way you can play it and see what it looks like now it’s also worth calling out the demo is, only local multiplayer this is something we typically see a kind of. Disparity between Japanese demos and Western demos say in the past where most hunter cross came out and there was a Japanese demo for that it only had a local multiplayer but then when we got a, much time two generations demo in the. West that had online so tends to be because of course in Japan they like to play things you know, in that format local co-op whatnot West is bigger online either way point is if you download this you will only be able. To play a multiplayer with friends in the same room you won’t be able to go online however that isn’t. Really an issue because fundamentally it still allows you to play the game check it out see what it looks like on switch, play on portable mode play on Doc’s mode on the TV it’s going. To be awesome so to reiterate or with the 10th is the day you need to remember I don’t know whether you can preload, it I don’t think you’ll be able to typically going to do that safety going to ask you buy the game so all the senses also, when you will need to download it now I will.

Of course do a live stream on August 10th when the game comes out to show you guys the demos see what it looks like. On switch of course I will then shortly offer that be following up with some videos as promised but since you guys that for any. Of you that are considering importing I will be doing a series, of import guides going over things like you know how to navigate menus how to unlock starts and things like transmog or say the abilities going to go to the G rank stuff. Basically all, this or most important things the things you’ll want to know when jumping into this game I will try and cover them in various different guides so that I can try to make your experience as easy as possible, if you don’t read Japanese but for the time being that is pretty much it so in the background I’m, actually leave you guys with a little bit more gameplay because as they have been doing. Quite a lot recently in their Capcom. TV streams they’ve been showing some almost hunter double-cross gameplay I showed you guys some a few weeks back and in most recent stream that she went up against you can loss and a. Can tour and it just looks really. Nice to watch this footage in 1080p on the kind of full screen mode they’re using the. IPod Abukar switch acts here with the midgets me grn commerce it looks really really cool but for the time being is, to give you guys chance to sort see some more gameplay I will leave this playing out in the background I’m also working on another most underworld videos I’m hoping to, drop either later on today or early tomorrow so do stay tuned, for that the time being thank you for watching you have any questions drop them down below be sure. To check out the video i’ve linked in the description if you want to know how. To create that accounts thanks watching take it easy catch you next time peace out that’s a girl ah I’m it down from, Natick I did a photo a little tuna we need traffic on that because she recon your car to see eager Street, in Chicago that all Nagano oi what that is yes don’t even on your car engine oil in there haha cause of a girl and nice I, see to the top yeah we definitely are, you guys I need a fuel go oh c’mon tell me diamond in here they do afford it yet to start the law for mr. DeSalvo gentlemen you’re still ok Tim they’re talking about, yeah we’re really happy ha ha ha [Laughter] [Laughter] [Applause] so let’s do one good over just a little bit. So we get most of the study was that a bang ball no sign of this Saturday night time is.

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