Now I got a happy thing what what happened you know record to do it though yes there’s one place we do know Oh. Find an ensemble ah oh well I am today hi Sydney one like came Rico for the versus D preview and we’ll have a summary join us oh my. Gosh I’m game then some of it uh why I’m sorry like these guys you guys you comment at the, end okay how about we do friend this one this in Earth individual images really number call you will follow you when we, do the next game okay okay okay, oh my god break the window restarting country where people were unite all real life will get cool [Laughter] hey everyone, open your eyes pick up the phone oh my game today guys are you here we’re not doing a happiness since I should acknowledge an American ok guys this is chocolate the ice cream yeah I, think it reinforces everything for. Today but wait there’s some portrait appointed more instead of using I can’t relation amazing powder we’re using we have like whatever alright question should be hosting why don’t we drink with the ice.

Yeah I wish seems amiss when I call up anyway oh okay so. I don’t know is risk we know is essential 13 yeah how do you cut into a.

This an answer that you know there’s an inner arms and you wrote up in it and then whatever is one. Idea or a certain spices and hope it doesn’t go okay changes every time yeah already, ready right up here you going to warn your faces so that I’m here the other Holly I.

Love it I love okay I hope you invite Mandela JC are you writing nah I could stop it jargon okay I.

Got it okay okay okay you are much for the fight is okay let’s go yeah so we made sure the pasta water is there yeah yeah here you know it’s all yours. Whoa join us again and again all times no studio volume, okay thank you for never recording when I think you, have cookie as well and you know there’s nothing so pretty enough people ended by Johann is that we come to, life yeah as a very mundane just excited pressure remain are they from the inaudible a weakness right okay we were to open up a little sure go on the bed thank you smell here to that. This one buried by both sides other this pillow so we’re. Gonna kneel down like this yeah you’re gonna spin and you’re gonna put good you’re being flush and how many numbers I don’t treat the, three questions and hope it does world explain it or one of us will explain it and then your comment data I’m, at any play okay hi yeah our simple okay, oh you remember Steven yeah sure alright drug go hey bro in five all right here we go hi somewhere here we are doing the. Rico versus cry Rico vs. Carlo make it Rico Carla versus the beach and so we all cartoons every Friday and, here on face book life guys don’t forget to like our official Facebook page they go hard I do all of your live over. There daddy is daddy she has fixed our pie challenge and, now I’m officially scared I see the pressure of you were so determined of your problem but yeah okay so our first game I three games right now who knows the listening on the, radio and watching this on Facebook our first game is employment all right so. What it is you got a toilet here and all you got to do is spin it and the, toilet has water of course you thank the city government of popping board or Qantas ship of our packages of water present water we spin, the wheel there’s. One two three so she president or any president has whoever’s up how many times of course water will splash and wonder if the water splash on lose this bitch channel I like a challenge this one is. Called monster protection our second channel is very very easy very very easy you have 60 seconds. Right here 60 seconds to, press this out and you have different shapes and all that you have to try to put all this on the grid in 60 seconds and last but not the least you have to input by say, hi hey so we got the pot face and we do got pie here and Gotha you know all right it’s. That simple once you. Have another bonus game in just a bit Michael will take over for commentating so we’re going to.

Go straight to our toilet challenge I know boys i’ma deal with em now get oh yeah so my BOB oh yeah are you ready are you ready [Applause] all right all right can we play. Some songs and we’re going to go to more of the challenge you go to round two we’re going to monitor perfection, all coming up. All right so we’re waiting for or Medina just abyss of course if you have any questions for her you can meet up at Rx and everyone what’s our next song Joe you’re coming from a, very no you’re a monster .